Luxury Suits for Men

There are many places where you can go to buy a suit, shirt or pants. We are more than a place”.

“Our passion is to help men build proper wardrobes with the best garments they have ever purchased. Even if you have used a Custom Clothier before, we are more comprehensive, quicker and a higher quality than what you are used to. Feel free to call us or email us to learn more”


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The Process


A brief conversation over the phone, or over coffee, for us to learn about your individuality, work, lifestyle, current wardrobe, needs, goals and budget.


A one hour appointment where we take over 40 measurements and place an order for your first garments. This can take place directly after The Consultation.


A brief visit takes place approximately one month after your first order. We pin and chalk necessary alteration your first garments, which is a normal part of the custom process. It is not until you order your next garments that they will come in as true custom suits that fit perfectly. You will never have to shop or go to the tailor again.


We deliver your first garments, have your pattern updated in our system and begin the building of your wardrobe.


Another brief visit when we deliver your entire wardrobe or the next phase.


If improving your image and wardrobe could bring value to your life, as it has for many other successful businessmen, then we would love to get to know you.