D. Jones Clothiers has a strong team of talented suppliers, tailors and clothiers that work directly for us, which is unique to our industry. It takes at least seven people, dedicating several hours to craft the perfect bench-made pattern for your suit jacket, trouser, vest and shirt.

By our standards, your first order must fit perfectly to your body and adhere to your personal specifications. In order to create a look that is unique to your lifestyle and identity, it is important for us to take the time to understand what it is you do for business, in addition to how you spend your time off.

We are experts at wardrobe management. This means that once we are “let in”, nothing in your closet will be outdated and everything will fit perfectly, which will make choosing what to wear the easiest part of your day. Your personal clothier will visit with you at least four times to accomplish this management of your wardrobe.


Measuring System and 40 Point Profile


Hand Cut Patterns that works with the size and art of your body


Hand Cut Fabric, Bench-Made Garments

Hand Sewn Finishing

Pick Stitching, Button Holes, Arm Holes, Lining and Piping


Full Canvassing on every jacket

True Custom

Unlimited Details


Fabrics from Italy & Britain

Raw Materials

Wools from New Zealand & Australia, and Cottons from Egypt & Turkey