Bench-Made Custom Made Sport Jackets

Our Bench-Made sport coats provide a perfect match in fit and style. Whether you are conservative or outgoing, we have a sport coat to match your personality. Some of our selection includes Windowpane, Prince of Whales, Herringbone, Glen Plaid, Linen and Seersucker. Our professional consultants can take your professional wardrobe to the next level.


Wide range.

This line offers a wide range of windowpane and glen check fancies, simple shephards’ checks and classic herringbones.

Van Gogh

Finest cashmere fibers.

Our luxury collection of wool/cashmere blend combines comfort and softness using the finest cashmere fibers from the saddle of the cashmere goat. This cloth has a range of opulent melange colors as well as luxurious handle and beautiful drape, creating a timeless appeal. The self-assured color palette is further enhanced by the addition of contemporary accent colors.

Da Vinci

Year Round

To achieve this line’s fabric, superfine merino wool has been blended with hand-combed cashmere and mulberry silk resulting in exquisitely smooth, soft, lightweight cloth with luxurious handle and drape. This makes it an optimal option for a year-round jacket in warmer climates. The naturally high moisture absorbency of silk and cashmere makes cashique cloth comfortable and cool to wear in warm climates. This collection offers attractive and bold madras plaids and contemporary colors.


Incredible Softness

Featuring one of the finest fabrics the world has to offer, this cloth is woven from luxurious Khan Cashmere with beautiful handle and is available in an excellent selection of colors. Cashmere is one of the most valued and exquisite of animal hairs because of its incredible softness.


Gentleman of international class.

Our Pollock line is for the aficionado of rare cloth. Beginning with super-fine merino wool, crushed crystals are then finely spun into the yarn to create an inimitable appeal. This line is for the gentleman of international class whose ability to command a room is his greatest asset.


Rarest cloth in the world.

Featuring the rarest cloth in the world, our Dali line is the ultimate in luxury. Beginning with only the absolute finest wool, cashmere and silk in the world, this cloth is then adorned with crushed crystals or 22kt gold that is finely spun into the yarn. This line also features the rarest cloth in the world, which is made from Vicuna. If the sky is your limit, our Dali line offers unsurpassed quality to the world’s gentlemen elite.

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