Most Stylish Men In Fort Worth

D.Jones Clothier was recently chosen by Esquire magazine as “the bespoke clothier of Dallas” Jones and his team of five wardrobe consultants and seven full-time tailors have one foot in DAllas and another foot in Fort Worth, styling everyone from businessmen to major league baseball players.  [read more..]



Between them, these two guys have five children under the age of 3, including newborns. When we first meet, I expect a little more dishevelment. After all, there’s the lack of sleep, the early-morning feedings, the try-and-keep-up-with-the-other-kids schedule that all new parents experience. Instead these dads in trim suits and perfectly tied ties from D. Jones turn heads at our appointed meeting place. But then, when you’re in the custom-clothing business, looking good is a way of life. [read more..]

Best Places To Buy A Tailored Suit In DFW

Most men need suits occasionally for special events and occasions, and businessmen need suits often on a daily basis, especially tailored suits. There are a lot of places in Dallas and Fort Worth to find nice tailor-made suits, and for people looking to keep their shopping local, there are plenty of local options as well. [read more..]

The best dressed player in MLB wears D. Jones, Nelson Cruz

D. Jone’s new client is gaining swagger in his new suits

7 Signs of a Great Tailor


I’m five feet, six inches tall, with a broad chest, a concave ass, and a moderate case of OCD, which is to say I’ve been getting alterations for as long as I’ve been buying clothes. It’s only gotten worse now that I live a block from my tailor. I poke in every few weeks and my guy pins whatever droopy garment I’m wearing. [read more..]

Esquire Big Black Book


We here at Esquire unveiled our first Big Black Book. We felt that — while we did and continue to report back from the front lines of the fashion and style world each month — men needed, and deserved, something more. While fashion, as an industry, depends on change to survive, this statement is as true today as it was back in the fall of ’06. Our most recent issue of the Big Black Book, for spring/summer 2014, will be our 14th. Now, we’ve taken the best—the most vital—of these seasonal editions and collected them into one hardcover monster that can serve as a North Star for any man who wants to live a life that balances outward aesthetics with personal significance. It can be done, and the Biggest Black Book Ever can show you how. [read more..]


Super Bowl winning Cowboys

mmitt Smith tries to get around a photographer to show the bottle of tequila he was gifting to members of the Super Bowl Championship teams of the Dallas Cowboys gathered at the Westin Stonebriar Resort in Frisco on Friday night, May 11, 2012 for the Friday night dinner prior to the Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament. [read more..]


Aggie 100 – Top 10

The Aggie 100 identifies, recognizes, and celebrates the 100 fastest growing Aggie-owned or Aggie-led businesses in the world. The Aggie 100 not only celebrates their success, it also provides a forum to pass lessons to the next generation of Aggie entrepreneurs. [read more..]

DJones-Ervay 2397

D. Jones in JustLuxe

We’ve talked about bulletproof suits, luxury tux rentals and techy three-piece suits with enough gadgetry to make Bond envious; but simple luxury suiting doesn’t always grab our attention in the same way. Most well-heeled men have a trusted tailor or a preferred designer brand and are hesitant to stray from the things that work best for them—unless of course they have cool gadgets. But a truly beautiful, custom, bench-made suit—one that lends itself more to fashion than a boardroom—can be particularly hard to find. [read more..]

The Man In the Three-Piece Suit

It’s a mild lazy summer Sunday afternoon as I walk up to a Williamsburg bar with a killer back patio that allows dogs, and fortunately for me, oversized dogs.  I order a Brooklyn lager and secure a spot in the back shaded by an oversized tree alongside Shipley, my four-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  We sit back and wait for what I thought would look like a youngish looking, well-dressed Texan – certainly not a common site in this neck of the woods.  The place is packed since it’s an unseasonably cooler day, as I watch various late twenties hipsters relive the previous epic night out and nurse hangovers sporting skinny-cuffed jeans and Rollie Fingers mustaches.  A bluegrass band just finishes their set and announces a short break. Drew Jones strolls up to the front of the bar and looks like a modern-day 1920’s Boardwalk Empire character at a 4-H meeting, standing out in a red three-piece suit with matching lapel.  Several distinct yet subtle nods of approval are noticeable from the hard-to-impress local crowd.  There are parts of Drew’s persona that you might predict – he’s a sharply dressed, well-mannered, and articulate young man who has a gift for making conversation easy.  There are other parts you learn about him that you’d have no way to predict.  We settled in to easy small talk covering familiar ground as we both share Texas roots and swap notes on our live-abroad stints in Asia.  [read more..]



Style Advice for Men

If you’ve been anywhere near the Dallas/Fort Worth area between the months of early May to late October you know- the heat is on! With a summer ‘season’ that can easily last half a year, planning your wardrobe appropriately is a must lest you spend many heat exhausted hours sweating through your office clothes or worse yet, end up in the hospital. [read more..]


Style Advice for Men

For downtown dwellers who work punishing hours, the chance to cut back and have a drink with your coworkers may be the only thing that gets you through to the end of the week. But when the steam whistle blows come 5 o’clock, you may not have the energy to battle traffic home to change, then come back out.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of quick-fixes that can easily take your suit from ‘mister 9 to 5’ to ‘senior mister of leisure’ in mere minutes. [read more..]

Getting to Know D. Jones in WhenToWear

Featured in WhenToWear, Dallas based D. Jones Clothiers. D. Jones offers Dallas’ elite bench made suits and sport coats. Dallas is an ever growing hub for fashion and home furnishings, and D. Jones is in the heart of it. [read more..]


Drew in Dallas Morning News 2013

Six entrepreneurs discussed the biggest issues and challenges facing their businesses in a roundtable discussion hosted last week by The Dallas Morning News. In the aftermath of the recession, discussions centered on sustaining growth, attracting and retaining the best candidates, and having a positive outlook.

Doing business in the Dallas region boosted their faith. Texas employers added more jobs over the last year than in any other state in the country. [read more..]


Drew in DCEO 2013

Drew Jones credits a decision he made after meeting his wife Sarah with putting him on the path to launching his custom-made-suit company, D.Jones Tailored Collection. “I got my first custom suit made to wear when I took her on a date to ask her to be my girlfriend,” he says. [read more..]


D Magazine’s Best Clothiers of 2012

Drew Jones doesn’t refer to his garments as bespoke. The word, he says, is a little too vague for his taste. He prefers “bench-made.” But no matter what you call them, the offerings of this up-and-coming Dallas clothier cover just about everything a guy might need to fill out a truly custom wardrobe. [read more..]


Dallas Morning News 2011

Jones is one of about 20 North Texas entrepreneurs who have joined a program launched this month by the Dallas chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization to help move their company to the next level and build their revenue to $1 million or more. EO members — 120 locally and more than 8,000 globally — must be founders or majority owners of companies with revenue of $1 million to $500 million. [read more..]


D Weddings 2010

When it comes to wedding planning, most guys would rather sit back and relax, allowing their female counterparts to make the majority of the decisions. Well, here’s a chance for your man to become more involved in the process and to show off his creativity.D-Jones Tailored Collection offers affordable custom-fit suits and menswear.  [read more..]


Urban Daddy 2010

Basically, it’s the suit-shopping experience of your dreams: a system that involves you not going anywhere, and drinking. To get it going, you’ll want to meet Drew, a personal suit whisperer who spent a year in China perfecting his tailoring craft (sort of like Christian Bale in Batman Begins, only with more cuff-link meditation).

Drew will show up at your home or office, listen to what you’re looking for in a suit and take all the necessary measurements (25, to be exact). Then, he’ll get to the important part: finding out what you drink. [read more..]


Dallas Morning News 2009

Jones, who grew up in DeSoto, graduated from Texas A&M University with a finance degree in 2006. He came up with his idea while doing cleaning and construction work at the U.S. Embassy in China, a country known for producing custom-tailored clothing at low prices.

Jones quit his job, spent seven months researching fabric suppliers and contract manufacturers in China, and moved back here. He started DJones Tailored Collection in Cedar Hill in May 2008, using about $18,000 in savings and $12,000 in personal loans.

 [


D Weddings 2011

How does a finance grad from Texas A&M end up in the custom clothier business? He moves to China (for a job with the U.S. Embassy), experiences the exceptional fit of a custom, hand-crafted suit, and is inspired to bring the experience to others. At least that’s what Drew Jones of D.Jones Collection did.  [read more..]

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 7.56.07 PM

Good Morning Texas 2010



Thrillist 2010

This house-calling bespoke menswear-ist & A&M grad recently expanded his entire operation, and now offers all-wool suits in both conservative and edgier, Euro-cut styles, both with hand-stitched canvas fabric reinforcement (most suits have them glued in). He’s also introduced an inaugural line of 12 all-silk ties with patterns ranging from ribbed solid baby blue to the diagonal-stripe “Shades of Grey” — also the only thing that prevented 80s peeping toms from seeing Jennifer’s dirty-dancing tush.

[


Mays Business Online 2010

When Drew Jones ’05 started his studies at Mays, he had no idea what he wanted to do when he graduated. As the years progressed, he was still having a difficult time finding anything he could be passionate about: working behind a desk from 8 to 5 was not at all what he had envisioned for himself. As a fifth year senior, Jones headed off to Beijing to do some manual labor for the U.S. embassy. After a year, he returned home with a tailored-fit business plan.  [read more..]


Sweet Pea Events 2010

At our last “Thursday Therapy” for Dallas Wedding Professionals, I met the talented Drew Jones of D. Jones Tailored Collection.  He is the owner and designer of this custom menswear business where he creates all custom suits, shirts and ties made from exquisite fabrics.  You might be surprised to find that his prices are super affordable (see his interview below) and a great investment if you’re looking for high-quality menswear.  Read on to learn more about the benefits that a groom or groomsmen would enjoy by purchasing custom menswear from D. Jones Collection…and you can also contact them to set up a complimentary consultation!  [read more..]


Groom Sold Separately 2010

Guys (or gals) we want to show you one of the most fabulous things we have found in terms of menswear for weddings. We introduce you to D Jones Tailored Collection. Look suave on your wedding day and keep the suit or tuxedo for your next big shindig! Sure, you can rent, but think about these few things when renting: [read more..]


Mays Business Online 2008

When I began college at A&M in 2001 I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn’t passionate about anything specific, which wasn’t too concerning as a freshman. When I was a 5th year senior, I became a bit concerned. As a finance major, I would walk around the career fairs trying to find a company that I was interested in. Not a single company remotely interested me. I wondered if I would grow out of the phase of refusing the idea of an 8-to-5 job. I still had no idea what I wanted to do, but I loved traveling, international business, challenges, and learning about new cultures.  [read more..]


Gay List Daily 2008

The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and an affordably priced, great-fitting men’s suit: three things that all reportedly exist, but no one can prove it – until now.

For guys, suit shopping can be equated to the longstanding ritual of women’s hunt for the perfect swimsuit, an endeavor somewhere on the pleasure scale between root canals and watching Madonna act.  [read more..]

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