“I’ve had many custom suits made for me, but the reason why I chose D. Jones and why I stick with D. Jones is because they actually get it. They listen to what the customer wants, and they give the customer just that. They understood my needs, and they produce over and over again what I want. The experience is comfortable- it’s like you’re shopping with your best friend who’s got just as much style as you do.

I always know what I want, but how they’ve helped me is that they’ve streamlined the process. They listen to what the customer wants, they understand what your style is and they provide you with the items that bring your style to life. Their fabrics are unbelievable, their service is incredible and they can give me the details that I want. Most importantly, they want you to be happy with what you’re wearing. I know that when I walk into a room wearing D. Jones, no one in the room looks like me.

You don’t have to be a supermodel to have a sense of fashion, but you do have to have some coordination, and some style to get attention and the D. Jones crew can help you out with that.”

Thanks for the kind words, Jackson. We really value our relationship with you and look forward to many great times (and great suits) ahead…